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Why Use Synap as an LMS?

Synap makes it easy for your team to learn through micro learning, break down training into short, easily-digestible sessions, tailored to individual strengths and weaknesses. Users can engage with content any time, and on any device.

Onboarding & Knowledge Transfer

Bring new and existing staff up to speed with your company and products. Automatically enroll new staff, customers, and partners into a Synap course

Compliance Training

Deliver regulatory and compliance training thats easy to engage with. Synap lets users learn in just a few minutes a day and guides them to improve on their weakest areas

Exam Revision

Improve exam pass rates and scores by delivering practice questions via Synap.


Boost Training Engagement

By breaking training down into small chunks, Synap makes it easy for your team to fit impactful training into their daily routine. Our unique Spaced Learning algorithms create a personalised learning plan for each user, which can improve training outcomes by up to 100%.

Its ease of use and transparency make it an ideal study aid, providing visual context for memorising questions. After a couple of hours using the platform I found myself becoming much more confident.

Sean KellyDriver, mytaxi Ireland

Track & Manage Training

See how people are performing in real time, learn which areas people struggle with the most, and use that information to inform your learning strategy.

Get detailed reports and actionable insights for individuals or cohorts make training at scale easier and more personalised.


Content Rich Training Courses

Create courses from any content, including videos, Scorm, documents, presentations, pictures, notes and quizzes. Assign your courses to different user groups and customise requirements such as pass marks and deadlines. Or let users learn at their own pace with collections which let them self study content from your library.

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