that Lasts.

The only LMS built with the learner in mind.
Proven personalised learning algorithms that increase performance and boost long term retention.

Offer your students, employees or your customers an online learning experience that they’ll love

Exam preparation

Help your students or team prepare for multiple-choice exams with Synap's powerful Spaced Learning system.

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Employee training

Create engaging, bite-sized courses to empower and upskill your team.

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Customer onboarding

Drive adoption by teaching your customers how to use your product.

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Study platform 

Empower students to learn more in less time and help them prepare for exams and support long term knowledge retention.

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Flexible, bite-sized learning with Courses and Quizzes

Flexible and Fixed Courses
Let your users learn at their own pace, or create deadlines and pass marks for a more structured learning style.
Question Banks
Bulk upload, version and manage question banks that learners can access on desktop or mobile.
Your Content
Synap supports all forms of elearning including videos, images, SCORM and surveys. With built in authoring tools and your own library Synap makes managing learning at scale easy

Hands-on support & account management

Dedicated account manager 
Your account manager will help you plan your LMS projects, advise you on the best practices, and help you implement your new system
Onboarding and training
Create a seamless user experience with SSO users only need one set of account information to access Synap and any exisiting systems.
Technical Support

We'll help you set up and integrate Synap into any existing systems and websites


Actionable insights & learner analytics

Feedback and flagging
Allow communities to moderate questions through a flagging and feedback system to give you actionable insights into your learners.
Early intervention
See which users need outreach and help with the content before it comes to a real exam.
Mock exams
Separate unseen questions out to give your users mock exams and test their knowledge before their exams


Connect Synap with all your favourite tools, no code required!

Connect with these tools, and 1000’s more with a single click using Synap’s Segment integration.

Study anywhere, anytime 

The Synap mobile app for iOS and Android makes it easy for people to fit in high quality learning, even when they don't have access to a computer

Multiple question formats

Challenge learners with different types of questions, including multiple choice, extended matched questions, and timed.

Learn on the go

Spaced Learning algorithms breaks down learning into 5-10 minute chunks, learners get notifications straight to their phone when its time to study.

Immersive learning

Using photos, diagrams, drawings and other types of images makes quizzes more engaging for users.

We work with you.

We will work closely with you to make sure you get the most out of your LMS, from consultancy to project planning and custom integrations we will make sure you have a system that your users will love using and that delivers the results you want

Offer your students, employees or your customers an online learning experience that they’ll love

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