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Working with the UKs largest private university to provide a modern learning solution that students love using

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Working with the UKs largest private university to provide a modern learning solution that students love using.

Changes to the core legal education exams (LPC and BPTC) have lead to a larger focus on situational judgement and multiple choice questions. On top of this the increase in University fees, student expectations of university education and learning services has increased. ULaw wanted a system that could help students learn and most importantly be something that they genuinely enjoyed using.

What we did

We worked with the University of Law to make a system that would prepare their students for the new exam layout. And increase student engagement by encouraging them to study.

Question Banks

We set up question banks on the platform for students to access, questions support images as well as text formatting. Questions are bulk uploaded and Synap’s built in question flagging system lets admins keep questions up to date and accurate.

Single Sign On (SSO)

It was essential that Synap was easy for students to access, and work in harmony with the universities existing LMS. We made sure Synap worked with the universities existing students so students only need to use one login to access their Synap content. 

Mobile learning

Students are on the go, so making sure they could access the plattform from their phone was essential. With our iOS and Android apps students can access the platform anywhere any time and do their personalised spaced learning quizzes while they’re on the bus, or in line for a coffee.

ULaw spaced learning notification

Pilot, Data, Develop

Synap started off as a pilot program for the university, this was a really important time for us to find out exactly what features the students liked and what features they may want in the future. By going to speak to students after the pilot we made improvements to the platform and added in more features.


The University of Law has an easy to use, easy to manage question bank management system that the students love using. Synap has also provided the University with valuable insights about when and how their students revise.

From our analysis we have found that students are listening to the systems personalised recommendations and heavily using the platform on weekends.With plans to add more content and students to the platform we are looking forward to supporting law students and working with ULaw. 

“The University is delighted to announce Synap as our exclusive partner in providing the online learning platform for the SQE 1 assessment and our new BPC programme. Innovation for the improvement of learning is central to ULaw’s ethos and our students expect the best and latest tools, such as Synap, to enable them to achieve their goals” 

- Professor Andrea Nollent, Vice-Chancellor and CEO at the University of Law

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