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Streamline the learning journey for both admins and users by integrating with your existing applications.

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Your platform, your rules

Use integrations to craft custom automations with our APIs & Zapier integrations, tailoring technology to your needs.

Automated analytics

Harness automations to access real-time insights from applications like Google Analytics, enabling seamless tracking of data user engagement and facilitating timely decision-making.

Maximise your output

Boost your productivity to new levels with integrations designed to streamline work, automate tasks, and provide quick access to data, helping you achieve more in less time.

Automate the complete user journey

Synchronised triggers and seamless actions with Zapier

Craft your recipe for work efficiency. Synap's Zapier integration offers a blend of triggers and actions to automate your work and elevate your daily tasks.


When this happens


Do this

Boost your business with integrated eCommerce

Drive revenue growth by integrating our eCommerce platform with your portal. Automate upselling based on user interactions, enhancing the value of your educational offerings.

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Seamless integration
Automate upselling
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