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Save time from manually grading exams, and discover ways of automating marking and certification steps.

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Delivering exams online with Synap

Marking modes

Automate multiple-choice scoring and precisely assign marks to written responses on the platform.
Automatic marking

Reduce your marking workload with a range of auto-graded question types, including multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, fill-in-the-blank, and more.

On-platform marking

Assigne marks to short written and essay responses, seamlessly coordinating marking efforts through Synap's on-platform marking tool.

Custom grading

Grade exams faster and more accurately

Define custom grade boundaries, including pass/fail grades or specific levels. Grades are automatically calculated to save you time, and can be used to automate any retake or certification workflows.

Weighted marks
Overriding grades
Historical changes
weighted answers

Quality controls

Expert assignment for accurate marking

Assign subject-matter experts for accurate evaluations and streamline large-scale assessments. Markers promptly receive notifications when attempts are ready for evaluation, ensuring timely and accurate results.

Assign markers
Double marking
Blind marking
Anonymous marking
weighted answers

Marker tools

Accurately evaluate assessments with custom mark schemes

Clearly outline your marking criteria by defining a marking rubric. Markers can easily evaluate and award credits for different categories in written assessments to help candidates gain insight into areas that have gained and lost marks.

Rubric marking
Info for markers
Notes for markers

Results management

Share results immediately to make learning more meaningful

Instantly mark multiple-choice questions and share results for immediate feedback. Empower learners with detailed insights to reinforce knowledge and address misconceptions in real-time.

Instant results
Deferred results
Custom messages


Deliver secure, branded certificates

Award branded certificates to candidates that pass as part of their accreditation process. Choose a custom design or one of Synap’s modern templates.Additional options include assigning expiry dates and a QR code for certificate authenticity and security.

Credentialing tools
overview of analytics

Send exam results to your existing systems

Utilise our APIs or Zapier integration to effortlessly send exam results to your preferred systems, including databases, CRMs, or others. Customise the data sync to your requirements, from basic scores and grades to comprehensive breakdowns on performance, ensuring seamless integration with your favourite tools.

mobile test

Deliver secure online exams and courses with ease

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