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Easily build and customise exams with a range of question types, question bank functionality and formatting options.

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Delivering exams online with Synap

A variety of question types for engaging exams

Whether you’re delivering high-stakes exams or practice tests, multiple-choice or written questions, easily create your assessments with a range of question types on Synap.
Multiple choice
Extended matching
Drag and drop
Fill in the blank
Ranked order
Case studies
Maths and chemistry
Embed files
Audio recording

Question management

Built in authoring tools to create questions

Easily create new questions or add existing questions into the question editor. Design questions with a range of formatting options including bold, bullet-points, tables, images, and equations.

Authoring tools
Bulk upload
Question cloning
overview of analytics

Build tailored exams with ease

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Exam types

Consistent assessments with static exams

Generate an exam from a single question bank to ensure that all users receive the exact same set of questions, creating consistent assessments across the board.


Exam experience

Create a realistic exam environment with time limits

Simulate the conditions of a real exam by setting time limits for an overall exam, per section, and instructions. With the ability to add extra time for specific candidates, you can tailor the exam experience based on an individual users’ needs.

Time limits
Randomise questions
timed exam ui

Additional exam tools

Customise tools for enriched student exam interaction.

Candidates can mark questions that they find challenging or want to revisit later, to focus on the questions they feel confident in.


Choose an easily accessible static or scientific calculator for candidates to use during an exam.


Candidates can retrieve important details with a single click, thanks to the notepad tool where they can jot down thoughts and ideas.


Allow candidates to highlight key information in the question aiding in comprehension and retention of important concepts.


Offer candidates the ability to cross out incorrect options, allowing them to focus their attention on the remaining possibilities.


Candidates can add flags to questions and report issues to admins for quality improvement, empowering your team to enhance questions over time.

Word limit

Enable a word count to show for candidates for free text answers with the option to add a limit.

Disable spell check

Easily toggle spellcheck on/off which is beneficial for providing greater control for written exam questions.

Lab values

Enter lab reference values for candidates to interpret and apply these values to real-world scenarios.

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