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Security is a paramount priority for Synap; we take data protection and preventing unauthorised access seriously.
Data encryption

Synap ensures robust security with industry-grade encryption (TLS 1.2+ and AES-256) for data protection in transit and at rest.

Single-Sign On (SSO)

Streamline the login process by allowing users to log in with a single set of credentials using SSO (Auth0, SAML/2, JWT or ADFS).

Role-based access controls (RBAC)

Granular controls based on designated roles to restrict user access to specific information and functionality.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Safeguard against unauthorised access with MFA, with all major authenticator apps supported.

Restrict IP addresses

Protect your exams by restricting access based on authorised IP addresses, supporting IPv4, IPv6, and CIDR notation.

Audit logs

Synap records critical system events, ensuring that only authorised users access and take action within the platform.

Anti-spam emails

Synap adheres to industry-standard email authentication protocols, such as DKIM and SPIF, boosting email security.

Penetration reports

Synap conducts regular penetration reports, conducted against the OWASP Top 10 and thousands of other attack vectors.


Synap prioritises your data security and privacy, adhering to industry regulations to create a trustworthy platform.
GDPR compliant

Synap maintains the highest data protection standards, adhering to GDPR and equivalent laws for user privacy.

CyberEssentials certified

Synap employs fundamental cybersecurity measures, defending against cyber threats and adhering to industry-recognised standards for digital security.

Regional data hosting

Synap provides hosting options in the EU and US, adhering to regional data protection laws.

Intellectual property

You have complete ownership of all the content and data on your Synap portal, with none of it belonging to Synap.


Synap is dedicated to ensuring reliable platform availability, minimising disruptions and providing a consistent, stable platform.
High concurrency

Synap handles high user concurrency, such as thousands starting exams simultaneously, through sophisticated automated scaling policies.

99.9% Uptime SLA

Synap guarantees reliability with a 99.9% Uptime SLA as standard, establishing a consistently stable environment.

Enhanced SLAs

Synap offers enhanced SLAs for critical periods (by negotiation), providing heightened reliability when it matters most.

Hosted on AWS

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Synap leverages a highly scalable and secure environment for optimal performance and availability.

Multi-region redundancy

With servers across multiple geographic regions, Synap fortifies the platform against unforeseen events if one server goes down, providing a consistently reliable experience.

Continuous backups

Customer data, including content, is continuously backed up and retained for recoverability in case of disasters.

UK-based support

Synap offers timely assistance to admins, providing responsive support for queries, issue resolution, and guidance.

Uncompromised exam security

Ensure confidence in high-stakes assessments with Synap's security and proctoring features, safeguarding the credibility of exams and providing peace of mind.

Developer guidelines for seamless integration of external systems with Synap, available on the Pro plan.

Terms of Service

Terms and conditions for users accessing and utilising Synap's features and services.

Privacy Policy

Outlines the criteria and procedures for engaging third-party subprocessors with strict adherence to data protection and privacy standards.

Security Policy

Outlines the security measures implemented for user data, covering encryption, access controls, and ongoing security assessments.

Subprocessors List & Management Policy

Outlines the criteria and procedures for engaging third-party subprocessors while emphasizing strict adherence to data protection and privacy standards.

Data Processing Agreement

Outlines the terms and conditions governing the secure and compliant processing of user data.

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