Intelligent online learning

Synap can be used as a standalone online exam platform, or as a complete learning management solution

All the tools you need to manage training at scale

Remote exam delivery with Synap

Synap helps students and professionals prepare for exams. Live exams and mocks can delivered securely and remotely through the platform. We’ve got the features and set up you need to create, and manage exams at scale.
Multiple Choice Questions
Extended Matching Questions
Test Marking
Remote Delivery
Learner Analytics
Authoring Tools
MCQ, EMQ and Long form exam formats available on Synap

The all-in-one exam platform

Synap has everything you need to deliver MCQ and other assessments online.

  1. Revision & spaced learning

    Help your students to learn more in less time with Synap's question banks and unique Spaced Learning algorithm, along with highly personalised, detailed learner analytics

  2. Mocks & formative assessments

    Integrate regular quizzing and formative assessments as a part of your curriculum, and to track student progression

  3. High stakes exams

    Work with our team to deliver highly secure, reliable exams online, complete with proctoring and identity verification

Synap Features

Flexible, bite-sized online courses

Create rich, engaging online courses on Synap, or integrate with an existing LMS.

Text / HTML
Uploaded video
Documents & presentations
Upload / download files
External embedding
Synap Support

Integrated Store Front

  1. Shop

    Direct customers to your Synap shop front that works with your domain name, to capture leads and sell your courses

  2. Custom domain

    Create a seamless user experience between your wesbite and Synap learning portal with a custom domain name. We'll help get you set up and integrated with any existing site

  3. Integrations

    Through Segment or custom integrations Synap works with all modern SaaS integrations so you can use the platform alongside your existing analytics and payment gateways

Synap learner analytics

Measure progress with exam and learner reports

  1. Feedback and flagging

    Allow communities to moderate questions through a flagging and feedback system.

  2. Exam reports

    Receive a detailed report of student responses and scores, including a breakdown of performance by question.

  3. Automated Marking System

    Automatically marked answers to get instant and accurate results for your users.

Seamless integrations with your favourite tools

Synap's integrations with Zapier and Segment mean you can connect Synap to all of your favourite tools and services.

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