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Synoptic: Automated Proctoring

Our in-house proctoring tool, Synoptic, ensures secure online exams with lockdown mode, intermittent screenshots, and automated breach detection.

Rosalyn: AI + Human Proctoring

Our trusted proctoring partner, Rosalyn, provides continuous video monitoring with AI detection and human reviews for enhanced exam security.

Synoptic: Secure online proctoring, anywhere in the world

Our very own cutting-edge proctoring tool for secure and fair online exams

Synoptic features

Ensure a secure exam environment

Stop candidates from being able to progress through their exam if they visit any other browsers or applications. Automatic detection of these breaches gives you a timestamped log for you to decide the outcome of the proctoring footage.

Webcam captures
Breach count
Comment system
overview of analytics
The whole onboarding, getting everything out, and advising the individuals who would be taking the test, and providing support to our proctor, was absolutely excellent.

Rachel H

Deputy Director | Provincial Department in Canada

Rosalyn features

Provide a secure exam experience

Restrict access to other browsers, applications, and additional monitors, preventing candidates from accessing external resources or communication channels.

Lockdown browser
AI & human proctoring
Traffic light priority
overview of analytics

Feature comparison

Synoptic Rosalyn
Recording Regular webcam and desktop captures Continuous webcam and screen video recording
AI & Human Proctoring
On-Demand Proctoring
ID Checks
Breach Count
Comment System
Traffic Light System
Browser Google Chrome Any modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, etc.)
Device Desktop or laptop Desktop or laptop
Additional Chrome plugin Rosalyn application (MacOS or Windows)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between Synoptic and Rosalyn?

Synoptic is our own light-touch proctoring solution with customisable rules, running via a Chrome plugin for low-medium stakes exams. Rosalyn, our external proctoring partner, offers a more comprehensive experience with AI-driven behavior analysis and live monitoring, perfect for high-stakes exams.

Do you offer on-demand proctoring?

Yes, both Synoptic and Rosalyn are available on demand. This enables candidates worldwide to take a remote, proctored exam at their convenience. Our on-demand proctoring options streamline the exam scheduling process as candidates do not need to schedule an exam time with an exam co-ordinator. They can simply choose a time that suits their schedule, offering flexibility and accessibility to a global audience.

How do Synoptic and Rosalyn handle breaches of exam rules?

Synoptic offers the option to freeze the exam as a penalty for violating exam conditions, while the timer continues and breaches are recorded for later review. Rosalyn provides real-time monitoring with AI-driven behaviour analysis to promptly detecting any suspicious activity. Trained proctors review flagged breaches immediately, contacting candidates to correct their behavior. If breaches persist, candidates can be removed from the exam.

Do you have a proctoring option that can work with specific applications, tools, or websites needed in the exam, such as Excel?

Yes, we would recommend using Synoptic, as admins can configure the exam rules and turn off the lockdown mode so candidates can access other applications, tools and websites.

Do you have a proctoring option that works in low-bandwidth internet environments?

Synoptic operates smoothly in low-bandwidth areas, making it an excellent proctoring choice for regions with limited internet access. Its intermittent webcam and laptop screenshot usage significantly reduces bandwidth requirements, enabling secure exams even in remote or developing areas, promoting accessibility and inclusivity worldwide.

Can I still proctor via Zoom or Teams?

Yes, you can still use Synoptic alongside Zoom or Teams for proctoring. This means you can leverage the features of Synoptic to ensure exam integrity while utilising the video conferencing features of Zoom or Teams. However, Rosalyn doesn't directly work with Zoom or Teams for proctoring.

How do I know which proctoring tool is right for me?

Synoptic offers a more light-touch approach and operates seamlessly without the need for any application downloads. Rosalyn, on the other hand, provides advanced features like AI monitoring and live proctoring at a higher cost. Your choice depends on your specific exam needs and budget. Our team is available to discuss proctoring options further to find the best fit for you.

How do the pricing options for Synoptic and Rosalyn compare?

Pricing varies depending on your chosen plan (Standard or Pro) and billing basis (PAYG or Monthly MAUs) for your portal. For a customised quote tailored to your needs, feel free to reach out to our team.

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