Taking the first time pass rate from 10% to 90% for taxi drivers

Increasing FreeNow's driver workforce in Ireland by helping potential drivers study for their license exam

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Increasing FreeNow's driver workforce in Ireland by helping potential drivers study for their license exam

Small public service vehicles (SPSV) drivers must pass a test that requires them to memorise a large amount of information on roads, street names, landmarks, routes, and diversions in order to obtain their licence. It's a difficult exam, with only 10% of people passing the first time.

FreeNow wanted a platform that would allow aspiring cab drivers to practise on go move while also providing them with valuable insights into who was prepared for the exam and who required more outreach and assistance.

We built the platform alongside FreeNow keeping their goals in mind, and we tweaked and improved things based on input from the pilot group of drivers.

Engaging question banks with embedded media

FreeNow users loved using the platform, making revision for the exam "effortless". For drivers, maps and pictures in questions and feedback made learning more engaging. We also set up a flagging and feedback system so that questions could be improved.

“This app is the only reason I passed my test and it made it so effortless! I’d advise everyone thinking of doing the test to sign up to this – I can’t stress it enough. I’m forever grateful. ”

- Steven, Newly qualified driver at free now

Taxi driver exam preparation portal

Custom learner reports

FreeNow administration were able to quickly identify users who were ready for the exam and book them in, as well as find those that required outreach and more help before they booked in, thanks to custom reports.

Accessing learning on the go

Drivers could access their question banks on the go or between jobs using Synap's suite of mobile and tablet apps.

Drivers received personalised quizzes

Synap's Spaced Learning algorithms analyse what users are good at and where they need to improve before sending them a personalised quiz. Through Spaced Learning, FreeNow drivers were able to improve their knowledge by taking customised quizzes that typically took only 5 minutes on average.

Spaced learning on the Synap platform

Taking mock exams to prepare for the real thing

FreeNow could use Synap LMS to create mock tests that potential cab drivers could take before sitting the real thing. The mock test results were reviewed by FreeNow administrators to determine when they would be ready for the real exam.


  1. Increase in the first time pass rate from 10% to 90%
  2. 15,000 users
  3. 250 new jobs created in just the first 3 months and over 1000 new jobs since

“Synap’s pros are its ease of use! A lot of our users wouldn’t comfortable with online reasources like this but the simplicity of the platform allows our users to learn and gain knowledge quickly & easily”

- Jamie Boyd, Driver Services Manager at FreeNow

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