Moving Medical Entrance Exams Online with a Customised e-Learning Platform

How Frasers are preparing medical school applicants for GAMSAT exams with Synap LMS.

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    Frasers GAMSAT Tuition
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    Austalia, NZ, UK
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    2,000 / year
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How Frasers are preparing medical school applicants for GAMSAT exams with Synap LMS.

The Challenge

Frasers GAMSAT is an Australian tuition business that provides medical school applicants with exam training. The Graduate Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT) is a standardised test designed to ‘assess the capacity to undertake high-level intellectual studies in the medical and health professional programs’. Previously, Frasers were delivering face-to-face and online courses as well as holding mock exams in a test centre. They originally became our client to make their courses accessible online but due to COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed, they decided to move their exams online too.

Frasers had outgrown their previous learning management system (LMS), Thinkific. It could no longer support their efforts to provide premium tuition to their students and was unable to offer live exams. They decided to migrate to a new platform that would provide them with more functionality while simplifying the learning experience for their students. Frasers needed an easy-to-use, highly customisable platform that would provide useful insights into the performances of their students.

The Solutions

Why Frasers chose Synap

Frasers chose Synap because they were confident in our potential, knowing that Synap began as a platform for medical students. They valued the combination of a user-friendly examination platform, with question banks and core LMS functionality. Having previous experience in migrating clients from their existing LMS’, Frasers were impressed with how much support they received from the Synap team. We collaborated very closely with Frasers to get their exams up and running in time and to align their projects with ours.


With over 2000 questions uploaded to their existing LMS, Frasers needed the right support to migrate those questions to their new LMS. To get those questions uploaded, Synap came up with a semi-automated process to ensure it was done correctly. Synap’s product manager organised regular meetings with Fraser’s stakeholders throughout the onboarding period to communicate progress and receive feedback which would navigate future work.

Improving Student Navigation

The rigidity of their old LMS was one of Fraser’s key concerns. The platform felt cluttered so they wanted their new LMS to allow for cleaner organisation of their teaching modules. To satisfy this, we expanded our collections feature by adding collection folders. This allowed admins to group various items and create collections for students to consume more content with ease.

Course collection folders

The collection folders screen (top) and the different items within the ‘Physical and Organic Chemistry’ collection folder (bottom).

Increased Client Ownership

Frasers hold a large amount of quiz content with lots of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and extended matching questions (EMQs). We worked closely with Frasers to develop existing editing tools on the platform, creating new ones to ensure that Frasers and other Synap clients can have total ownership and control over their content. To implement this we built a CSV importer to import questions into quizzes at bulk. We also built a question editor so admins can adjust layouts, use rich text editing and specify question type; from single correct, multi-correct and ranked order.

Delivering Live Exams

Frasers needed a flexible solution to re-create a realistic test experience to deliver their mock and GAMSAT examinations online. The GAMSAT is a complex exam that uses a combination of images, symbols and formulae within their questions. We worked closely with Frasers to encompass the various types of formatting they needed within our platform. Once the platform had the correct functionalities, pilot mock exams were carried out to test the effectiveness of the platform. The mock exams provided Frasers with an opportunity to provide feedback to Synap so we could make any final changes before the real exams.

Improving Student and Admin Insight

The Synap development team worked closely with Frasers to create custom report features. The Frasers portal is now capable of generating automated cohort reports for students and admins to view. Admins and educators can view how cohorts are performing overall and then customise this view by topic or tag. Students also benefit from the new insight feature by being able to reflect on their performance and seeing how they have performed against their peers.

Cohort exam reporting

The Results

Frasers have received tailored support and relationship management over opposite time zones to ensure that they have a highly-tailored platform offering all the necessary functionalities. Frasers have now successfully delivered 12 live exams consisting of around 400 students each time. With their automated reports and insights, tutors now have an increased understanding of which students are struggling with which topics and can reach out to those who need further help. By moving over to Synap, Frasers now have a streamlined platform that provides the insights into their students that they needed. Frasers, as well as future clients, also now have the autonomy to fully manage all of their questions and learning content.

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Moving Medical Entrance Exams Online with a Customised e-Learning Platform

How Frasers are preparing medical school applicants for GAMSAT exams with Synap LMS.

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