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How FreeNow increased the first time exam pass rate from 10% to 90%

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About FreeNow

FreeNow, a leading mobility service provider in Europe, backed by the influential BMW Group and Mercedes-Benz Mobility. Pioneering a diverse range of transportation solutions, including taxis, private hire vehicles, and e-scooters, FreeNow operates seamlessly in 9 markets, spanning over 150 dynamic cities.

We've gathered insights from numerous employees who shared their experiences of using Synap to guide prospective taxi drivers through their formal examination preparation. Furthermore, we've received firsthand accounts from the end users themselves – the taxi drivers – who successfully utilised Synap to prepare and excel in their examinations.

The challenge: A notoriously difficult licensing exam

To become a taxi driver, aspiring candidates have to pass the notoriously demanding Small Public Service Vehicles (SPSV) exam. This exam requires candidates to master a vast array of information, including intricate details about roads, street names, landmarks, routes, and diversions – all essential for obtaining their coveted license.

“I failed the exam 3 times, and then I started using it and passed after a few weeks. It was invaluable. Thanks for everything, I’m looking forward to joining FreeNow as soon as I am on the road.”

Before FreeNow integrated Synap into their exam preparation strategy, there was a glaring absence of comprehensive SPSV exam preparation materials. Candidates were left to navigate the challenge on their own, often relying on outdated books and limiting their study sessions to a stationary desk in their room.

Compounded by the scarcity of preparation resources and the formidable nature of the exam, the first time pass rate for the SPSV exam plummeted to a mere 10%.

The solution: Innovating exam preparation with Synap

Recognising the need for a transformative solution, FreeNow embarked on a mission to develop their own exam content and explore an innovative assessment platform. Their vision was to empower aspiring taxi drivers with the flexibility to practice on the go, liberating them from the constraints of traditional study environments.

“The features we like most about Synap are the spaced learning, mock exams, and the customer support we receive by the Synap team!”

In addition, FreeNow sought an exam platform that had extensive reporting capabilities to provide the team with valuable insights on how candidates were performing. This allowed them to make data-driven decisions, by determining precisely when candidates were ready to be entered into an exam, and identifying individuals who required additional support and outreach.

Creating engaging question banks to enhance exam readiness

In its commitment to elevating the SPSV exam preparation experience, FreeNow undertook the creation of an extensive question bank, creating thousands of questions. To mirror the authentic exam environment, FreeNow added images of maps into their questions, providing candidates with a practical and immersive learning experience.

Acknowledging the significance of clarity and comprehension, FreeNow went a step further by incorporating detailed feedback for each question. By providing insightful rationale, this assisted candidates with developing their knowledge and comprehension.

“If you’re serious about passing the test, the FreeNow Manual is absolutely perfect. It’s easy to use and understand, and helps you study with purpose - it is a huge help.”

As this was the first time FreeNow ventured into creating questions, the team leveraged Synap's innovative question flagging feature, which allowed candidates to flag questions that could be improved. Through this dynamic interaction with users, FreeNow ensured a constant evolution and refinement of their question banks, reinforcing their commitment to delivering a top-tier exam preparation experience.

Facilitating on-the-go learning with a mobile-friendly approach

Harnessing the power of the Synap mobile app, designed specifically for exam preparation, FreeNow actively promotes flexible learning on the move. This innovative approach allows users to seamlessly practice questions at their convenience, breaking free from the limitations of traditional desk-bound study sessions.

“This app is the only reason I passed my test and it made it so effortless! I'd advise everyone thinking of doing the test to sign up to this manual - I can't stress it enough. I’m forever grateful.”

Candidates are now empowered to engage in continuous learning, seamlessly integrating exam preparation into their dynamic, on-the-go lifestyles via their mobile devices.


Personalised exam mastery with Spaced Learning

Leveraging Synap's innovative Spaced Learning algorithms, our platform automatically assesses individual strengths and areas for improvement, crafting a bespoke quiz for each user. This not only relieves educators of the burden of tailoring learning but also ensures a seamless and personalised learning experience for candidates.

“Features on the platform allow students to tailor the questions they need to improve on and improve their overall score. Their spaced repetition algorithm also helps highlight areas students need to improve.”

This unique approach has empowered FreeNow drivers to enhance their knowledge through concise, daily quizzes customised to their unique learning needs, typically taking only 5 minutes. This efficient and targeted Spaced Learning methodology ensures that potential FreeNow drivers optimised their exam preparation, concentrating on the crucial aspects that drive their learning and development forward.


Exam readiness: Replicating a real-world exam simulation

FreeNow aspired to recreate the authentic exam experience by introducing simulated weekly mock exams. This initiative allowed potential drivers to practice under timed conditions, mirroring the pressure and format of a genuine exam. Consequently, candidates gained valuable exam experience and developed the confidence needed to face the real challenge.

“(Synap’s Pros:) Ease of use! A lot of our users wouldn't be that comfortable with online resources like this but the simplicity of the platform allows our students to learn and gain knowledge quickly & easily.”

Taking advantage of Synap’s comprehensive reporting features, FreeNow's team delved into the analysis of candidate trends in the weekly mock exams. This data-driven approach empowered them to proactively engage with users requiring support and guidance. It also provided the insight to identify precisely when a candidate had reached the readiness threshold for the actual exam, ensuring a strategic and efficient entry into the real testing scenario.

Conclusion: Impact and achievements for new job opportunities

  • Enhanced pass rate: Increase in the first time pass rate from 10% to 90%
  • Significant user engagement: 15,000 users
  • Job creation milestone: 250 new jobs created in just the first 3 months and over 1,000 new jobs in the first year

The results achieved by FreeNow through the implementation of Synap reflect a transformative impact on their taxi driver exam preparation strategy. Witnessing a remarkable surge, the first-time pass rate catapulted from 10% to an exceptional 90%, attesting to the efficacy of the innovative learning platform.

With an active user community of 15,000 individuals, the widespread engagement underscores the platform's successful integration into the learning journey of aspiring taxi drivers.

Furthermore, the creation of 250 new jobs within the initial 3 months, and an impressive 1,000+ new job opportunities in the inaugural year, stands as a testament to the program's tangible societal and economic contributions.

The comprehensive success metrics not only highlight the effectiveness of Synap in optimising exam preparation, but also underscore its role in fostering employment and driving positive change within the FreeNow community.

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