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Why partner with Synap?

Amplify your business growth and expand your offering to clients, by collaborating with Synap’s cutting-edge technology. Step into an exciting and transformative market, and play a key role in advancing digital exams and assessments across the world.

The University is delighted to announce Synap as our exclusive partner in providing the online learning platform. Innovation for the improvement of learning is central to ULaw’s ethos and our students expect the best and latest tools, such as Synap, to enable them to achieve their goals.
Synap 5 Star reviews

Professor Andrea Nollent

Vice-Chancellor and CEO | University of Law

Reseller partner

How it works

You purchase Synap at a cheaper rate and then sell Synap under your own brand, with a markup added, thus generating a higher revenue and profit margin for you.

How it works
breakdown of exam questions

Affiliate partner

How it works

You receive a unique link with an embedded tracking code. When someone purchases Synap using your link, you’ll receive 20% commission on the first year contract size.

How it works
Easy set up
Minimal commitment
breakdown of exam questions

Technology partners

For tech and product companies looking to establish a strategic partnership with Synap to drive shared growth, enhance product offerings, expand market reach, or deliver integrated solutions.

Perhaps our most exciting news of recent months is a newly developed partnership is Synap! The seamless integration between platforms will create a complete learning experience that will benefit clients and organizations across industries. This partnership promises growth and success for company and customers alike!
Synap 5 Star reviews


Co-Founder & CEO | Rosalyn

Content partners

For organisations that provide content, materials or services that complement Synap. Foster a mutually beneficial partnership to deliver a more comprehensive and valuable solution to end-users.

Oxford University Press is delighted to be partnering with Synap to provide an exciting new platform to showcase our products. Our self-assessment content is already the cornerstone of a young medic’s revision, and our new collaboration will allow broader access to these high-quality resources through Synap’s innovative online study platform.
Synap 5 Star reviews

Sean Pidgeon

Medical Publishing Director | Oxford University Press

Benefits of becoming a Reseller or Affiliate Partner

Ongoing support from Synap

As a Synap partner, you can count on our continuous support throughout our partnership. We believe in sharing our industry knowledge, providing a wealth of marketing materials and ongoing assistance to ensure your success.
Presentation slides

Leverage our slides that summarise Synap’s key features and benefits, which you can email to clients, to enhance their understanding of Synap’s value proposition.

Demo videos

A powerful visual tool for showcasing Synap’s capabilities to you and your clients. Watch at your own pace, anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

Help guides

For comprehensive information to enhance a client’s understanding of Synap’s features.

Client case studies

Share real-world success stories of how Synap has positively impacted clients.

Client testimonials

Share the honest feedback from global companies that trust Synap.

Live demos

Arrange a tailored video demo (including technical demos) with a Synap expert to encourage active discussions.

Synap Universe

A demo environment where your clients can try sample exams and courses, experiencing Synap firsthand to understand our functionality and value.

Email support

Reach out to a Synap expert anytime with questions to foster ongoing learning and collaboration in the partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Synoptic and Rosalyn proctoring?

Synoptic is our own in house proctoring tool, which offers lockdown browser and recorded proctoring

How do I meed?

The online exam, assessment and learning market. The market is broad, spanning education, academia, training, learning and development, and more!

What is the market demand for Synap?

Organisations and institute are experiencing a growing demand for online exams/assessments, practice tests, and courses in the post-Covid period, turning it into a dynamic and expanding market!

What organisations and institutes could I expand my offering to?

Any company that is looking to deliver online exams/assessments, practice tests, or courses - which is a high number of them! This could be education institutes such as universities, certification companies, awarding bodies, businesses, and more.

Can I become a reseller or affiliate partner for free, or is it a paid plan?
Which pricing plan is best for me?

Synap offers a range of pricing plans so you can select the one that best suits your business needs as a reseller partner. Here's an overview of the various options:

  1. Select a plan based on the features you need:
    • Standard plan: for the core features you need to deliver exams and courses, where your clients can sign up as students to take your content on your branded portal.
      Pro plan: where you can have a white-labelled version of Synap, and sub-portals so your clients can have a separate version of your portal. Using the role-based access controls, you can grant them access to view or use your content, and invite their colleagues or clients.

  2. Select a plan type:
    • Pay per assessment: you purchase a set of credits for the year, and then add your markup. Please read this for more info on how many credits different assessment types are worth. This option is ideal for the B2B2C model. Annual option only.
      Pay per active user: you pay based on the number of monthly active users, and then add your markup. This option is ideal if you want to enable your users to take unlimited exams, practice tests, or courses, as they will just count as one monthly active user. Monthly and annual options available.

  3. Select the tier:
    • Choose a total number of credits per year for the 'pay per assessment' plan type e.g. 1,000 credits.
      Choose a number of monthly active users for the 'pay per active user' plan type e.g. 100 monthly active users.

Can I have my own branded or white-labelled Synap portal?

Yes, both are possible as a reseller partner, as you will have your own Synap portal. All of our plans come with branding. If you’d like a white-labelled environment that is fully branded to you with a custom domain, this is only available on our Pro plan.

If wanted to use the white-labelling and sub-portalling features, what plan do I need to be on?

This is only available as a reseller partner. To access the white-labelling and sub-portalling features, you would need to be on our Pro plan. You’ll gain access to your own portal, and a number of extra Pro features that will help with your growth! Monthly and annual options are available on our pricing page, and comes with a 14-day free trial.

What services could I offer to my clients as part of the reseller partner program?
This is totally up to you! You don’t need to offer any services but if you wish to further increase your markup on your offering, here’s a few common services that resellers offer: access to exams or question banks, writing exam questions, customer support, client training, and managing exams.
What promotional and marketing methods are accepted?
We’re open to a variety of promotional and marketing methods, meaning you have the flexibility to choose a method that suits you. This includes social media, emails, word-of-mouth, websites, courses, videos, blog posts, events, podcasts, SEO, PPC (pay-per-click), and more.
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