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Delivering exams online with Synap

Why choose Synap?

Enhanced security

Protect the integrity of your assessments with our advanced anti-cheat and proctoring solutions.

Streamline team workload

Reduce the manual workload with in-person exams by automating online assessments, freeing your team to focus elsewhere.

Scale applicant testing

Easily enhance your hiring capabilities and evaluate a broader pool of candidates, regardless of their location.

Maintain the integrity of assessments with remote monitoring

Enforce exam security with lockdown mode

Prevent applicants from web browsing and using desktop applications, reducing cheating attempts and ensuring the authenticity of their knowledge.

Lockdown mode
Identity checks
Lock & unlock exams
Synap online exam platform UI

Robust security to protect your intellectual property

Use our advanced security measures to deter cheating attempts and reduce the risk of questions being leaked, upholding the integrity of the assessment process.
Disable copying and pasting

Prevent applicants from sharing assessment questions with other potential interviewees, ensuring the confidentiality of your content.

Randomise order

Shuffle the order of questions and answers for each applicant, to prevent collaboration when hiring multiple new employees.

Time limit

Automatically lock applicants out of the assessment upon timer expiry, imposing time constraints to ensure prompt demonstration of knowledge and skills.

Watermark questions

Include your company logo as a watermark on questions to discourage applicants from leaking questions, and reinforce the proprietary nature of your content.

Results to admins

Choose not to share results with applicants, preventing access to questions after completion, and further minimising the risk of questions being shared.

Dynamic assessment features for effective testing

Diverse question types for a holistic evaluation approach

Offer an extensive range of auto-marked and manually marked questions, including multiple-choice, written essays, and audio recording, to assess communication skills.

Diverse question types
Static or dynamic
Synap online exam platform UI

Transform your recruitment process with Synap

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Insightful reporting to identify the top applicants

Identify candidate's strengths and weaknesses

Tag questions by skill level and other categories, and receive automated reports of an applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. This is invaluable when recruiting for roles requiring specific skill sets.

Skill breakdown
Question statistics
Export results
Synap online exam platform UI

Informational courses to elevate your recruitment process

Engagement-boosting multimedia

Add informational videos, documents, presentations, and more. This provides applicants more insight into your company and the role they're applying for, enhancing their understanding and engagement.

E-learning resources
File uploads
Synap online exam platform UI

Enhance the professionalism of your hiring assessment

Incorporate your organisation’s branding when delivering recruitment assessments, creating a familiar and recognisable environment for applicants.

Ensure the assessment looks professional by adding your logo, and customising the colour scheme of your assessment portal to align with your brand identity.


Opt for a custom domain to present the assessment solution as uniquely yours, ideal for large-scale recruitment initiatives.


Connect Synap with your existing tools (such as CRMs or HR tools), to automate enrolment into the assessment and sending results to your system.

Deliver secure online exams and courses with ease

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