Scale your exam preparation offering

Empower learners to excel in preparing for a formal exam with simulated exam scenarios, whilst reducing your workload.

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Delivering exams online with Synap

Versatile testing methods for effective exam preparation

Prepare students thoroughly for their formal exams by offering a diverse range of testing experiences.

Question banks

Empower students to generate their own tests based on specific question tags, including subjects and topics.

Mock exams

Simulate a formal exam in timed conditions with enhanced security.

Diagnostic tests

Assess the student’s current level of knowledge to track how they improve over time.

Reduce your workload, increase your impact

Streamline grading with automated question marking

Explore a variety of questions (including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, short written answers, and more) that can be auto-marked, saving your team hours from manual grading.

Automatic marking
Instant results
Quicker feedback
Detailed reports
Synap online exam platform UI

Create a simulated exam environment

Timed conditions for a realistic exam experience

Replicate the experience of formal exams by setting time limits that mimic the exact duration of the actual exam, automatically locking students out if the timer expires.

Timed conditions
Static or dynamic
Exam tools
Synap online exam platform UI

Protect your intellectual property and reduce cheating

Prevent unauthorised distribution of your questions

Stop students or competitors from copying your questions, and prevent them from sharing with others, or leaking the questions online.

Disable copy & pasting
Lockdown mode
Synap online exam platform UI

Enhance exam prep efficiency for your students

Arrange a tailored demo to explore effortless exam prep management and enhanced student engagement.

A modern, user-friendly exam platform, branded to you

Reflect your brand identity

Add your company logo and colour schemes to make your exam platform instantly recognisable to your students, and amplify your brand image.

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Scale your exams nationally and internationally

Streamline student onboarding with automated enrolment

Eliminate admin work by automating student enrolment upon purchase, ensuring a swift and hassle-free process.

Automate enrolment
Instant access
User journey
eCommerce integration
Synap online exam platform UI

One solution to deliver courses and exams

Expand your offerings by delivering engaging courses

Use Synap to also deliver courses to students to enhance their knowledge before testing. Create engaging courses with diverse content such as videos, presentations, documents, and more.

Deliver courses
Spaced learning
Synap online exam platform UI

Deliver secure online exams and courses with ease

Explore how Synap can help save you time and streamline your workload with a demo tailored to your needs.

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