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Delivering exams online with Synap

Why choose Synap?

Exam simulation

Deliver pre-qualifying, national or international competitive exams, such as Olympiad exams, in a realistic exam simulation tailored to your needs.

Flexible delivery

Embrace versatility with flexible scheduling, whether conducted remotely or in person, to accommodate the needs of students.


Prevent exams from being compromised and reduce the risk of cheating, by implementing robust anti-cheat methods and secure proctoring.

Engaging and interactive question features

Diverse auto-marked questions for engaging exams

Reduce your educator’s workload with a range of automatically graded and interactive questions including multiple choice, ranked order, drag and drop, fill-in-the-blank, and more.

Auto-marked questions
Manual marking
Rich media
Synap online exam platform UI

Exam features

Ensure fairness and integrity in exams

Implement a time limit for the entire exam or individual sections, automatically restricting student access when the time limit is reached.

Results to admin
Extra time
Synap online exam platform UI

Security features

Ensure a secure exam environment

Limit students' access to other browsers and applications to prevent them from accessing Google or communicating with others. Ideal for in-person exams that have a live proctor.

Lockdown mode
Locking of exams
Anti-cheat features
Synap online exam platform UI

Exam tools to empower your students

Our suite of exam tools are designed to support students by encouraging good exam practice, and providing a smooth user experience that makes testing both fun and enjoyable for students.

Allow students to highlight key details in the question to facilitate easy referencing while formulating their answers.


Enable candidates to save questions to review later, encouraging them to review key questions before submitting.


Offer students the ability to make private notes during the exam to document their ideas.

Scientific calculator

Offer fairness with an accessible calculator within the exam interface, eliminating concerns over forgotten or malfunctioning physical calculators.


Mimic the experience of paper-based exams by enabling students to eliminate incorrect multiple-choice options, aiding in decision-making.

Lab values

Equip students with essential exam resources, such as a periodic table or key formulas, ensuring they have necessary reference materials at their fingertips.

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