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Elevate your enrolment process by delivering reliable online admission exams for students.

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Delivering exams online with Synap

Why choose Synap?

Secure exams

Increase exam integrity and reduce the risk of cheating with our range of security and proctoring options.

Flexible delivery

Deliver exams on campus or remotely to facilitate the periodic scheduling of admission tests throughout the year.

Question statistics

Advanced statistics to highlight question quality and difficulty, so you can use discriminating questions that identify top candidates for selection.

Protect exam integrity with our security measures

Explore our extensive anti-cheat features

Prevent questions from being leaked by disabling copying and pasting so students cannot share questions and answers, ensuring exam integrity.

Anti-cheat methods
Lockdown mode
Zoom/Teams proctoring
Synap online exam platform UI

Intuitive and customisable exam formats

Discover our engaging and interactive question types

Choose from a diverse array of auto-marked and manually marked question types, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, essays, audio, and more, to create engaging exams.

Question types
Adding questions
Time limit
Synap online exam platform UI

Upgrade your admissions process

Discover streamlined entrance exams for efficient and reliable student selection.

Diverse grading options for enhanced efficiency and insightful results

Streamline your team's workflow with our automated grading solutions and ensure proficiency with results.
Automatic marking

Reduce the grading workload and save time with our range of auto-marked question types, including multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and more.

Manual marking

Our marking dashboard simplifies the grading process, with options to assign markers, attach information for markers with marking criteria, and rubric marking.

Export results

Export student results in either CSV or PDF format to input into an existing system, keeping all your data in one place for compliance purposes.

Advanced analytics to determine high achievers

Insightful data to determine top performing students

Identify student’s strengths and areas for improvement with our tag breakdown, which can be used to tailor learning for students who are admitted.

Strengths & weaknesses
Question difficulty
Question discrimination
Question data
Synap online exam platform UI

Create a recognisable environment for students to engage with

Customise the portal with your unique branding, offering either a standalone or integrated solution with popular virtual learning environments (VLE’s), such as Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle.

Make your Synap platform an extension of your University, College or School by adding your logo, colours, and mission statement.

Independent system

If your current VLE means students outside of the institute cannot be invited, Synap is an ideal solution for delivering admission exams directly to students.

Integrated system

Integrate Synap with existing VLEs and student management systems, to automate student enrolment and the transfer of exam results.


Synap supports a global student audience with our multilingual interface and ability to upload questions in any language.

Cyber security

We take data security very seriously - data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and Synap is GDPR compliant. You have complete ownership of your intellectual property.


Cater to testing more students with Synap’s capacity to handle high concurrency of students without performance issues.

Deliver secure online exams and courses with ease

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