📸 Synoptic 2.0 Introducing Enhanced Proctoring with Interval Screen & Webcam Captures

Introducing 2 huge new features to Synoptic : 📸 Webcam and Screen Interval Captures

  • Regular Intervals: Synoptic will now capture both screen and webcam images at regular intervals through out the exam.
  • Webcam captures: See exactly where and what candidates are doing through their webcam
  • Screen captures: Full screen captures of the candidates desktop, to detect other applications, chats, windows, browsers etc.

This feature is designed to add peace of mind for educators and administrators by adding an additional layer of oversight to the exam process. It ensures that the exam integrity is maintained without being intrusive.


To take advantage of this new feature, simply enable it in the proctoring settings before your next exam.

Head over to our docs to learn more and for a step by step guide!