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Question types

A variety of question types to help you create comprehensive assessments
Multiple choice
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Case studies
Maths and chemistry
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Create exams

Exam formats

Create highly customised exams with a variety of tools. Include an instruction page, set a time limit and divide the exam into sections. Create unlimited questions, provide feedback and randomise the order of both questions and answers.


Deliver exams


Schedule exams to take place for concurrent users on the same day, at the same time. Alternatively, grant a window of access so users can take the exam at a convenient time for them.


Proctoring exams


Set your exam rules and monitor test takers with our robust proctoring tool. By recording a candidates’ entire screen, audio and webcam, you can ensure exams are taken in exam conditions.

Exam results blob

Marking exams

Options to show results to candidates immediately or defer the results to your admin team for internal marking. Synap automatically marks multiple-choice questions, reducing your workload and saving you time. Export your results as a CSV or PDF, available immediately, for a more enhanced internal review.

    Analyse exam results

    CSV results export

    Receive actionable insights with our CSV results export. Identify strengths and areas for improvement by gathering data on overall scores, completion rates, time spent, and percentage correct per question.


    Streamline your exam processes

    Exam management made easy - automate your workflows and reduce your admin workload with our Zapier integration.

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    MCQ medical exam

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    Program Director at American Academy of Osteopathy

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