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Synap is an innovative and secure platform to deliver anything from practice assessments to high-stakes entrance exams.
Synap LMS can help you implement the assessments you need.

Online exam platform - Synap

Intuitive, intelligent exam preparation and delivery software

The online exam platform for schools, universities and other educational bodies. Provide your learners with the tools and insights to facilitate long-term learning ahead of live exams. Deliver engaging online exam preparation, practice tests and live, high-stakes exams all from one place with Synap’s easy-to-use platform.

    MCQ, EMQ and Long form exam formats available on Synap

    The all-in-one exam platform

    Synap has everything you need to deliver MCQ and other assessments online.

    1. Revision & spaced learning

      Help your students to learn more in less time with Synap's question banks and unique Spaced Learning algorithm, along with highly personalised, detailed learner analytics

    2. Mocks & formative assessments

      Integrate regular quizzing and formative assessments as a part of your curriculum, and to track student progression

    3. High stakes exams

      Work with our team to deliver highly secure, reliable exams online, complete with proctoring and identity verification

    Synap learner analytics

    Measure progress with exam and learner reports

    1. Feedback and flagging

      Allow communities to moderate questions through a flagging and feedback system.

    2. Exam reports

      Receive a detailed report of student responses and scores, including a breakdown of performance by question.

    3. Automated Marking System

      Automatically marked answers to get instant and accurate results for your users.


    Monitor test-takers with live proctoring

    1. ID verification

      Verify your student's identity with a student card, passport, ID card, or a driver’s license that has their name and photo on it.

    2. Flag users

      Test-takers behaviours and actions can be flagged and reviewed by a professional proctor or instructor.

    3. Screen monitoring

      A range of monitoring solutions from screen sharing only to a 360° view of the candidate's workspace using their smart phone.

    Question Types

    Create comprehensive assessments for your learners with a variety of question types to choose from
    Multiple choice

    Choose from single-correct or multiple-correct answers.

    Extended matching

    Test learners application of knowledge using questions with a common theme or scenario.


    Organise and present ideas within a long-written answer.

    Ranked order

    Learners can rank a set of items against each other in their preferred order.


    Insert images and diagrams as question and answer options in your assessments.

    Case studies

    Provide a case study for your learners to analyse and provide an appropriate solution.


    Synap's integrations with Zapier and Segment mean you can connect Synap to all of your favourite tools and services.

    Client Stories

    Our clients are delivering remote exams to students all over the world through Synap. Whether its test preparation for professional exams, or students in schools and universities Synap gives users insights into their learning and provides exam administrators detailed reports and results.

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