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Elevating certification exams: Switching from an LMS to adopting an exam platform

Learn how Fusion Risk Management thrived with their strategic shift to Synap for their remote exams and courses.

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About Fusion Risk Management

Fusion Risk Management uses Synap to administer and deliver their certification exams remotely, after seamlessly transitioning from a traditional Learning Management System (LMS).

Fusion is a dynamic software company comprised of 200 professionals, that specialises in IT risk, risk management, crisis and incident management.

We heard from Elise, a technical trainer at Fusion, who shares her transformative journey of leveraging Synap, and the impact we’ve had on enhancing the security and efficiency of their remote exam delivery process since 2023.

Transitioning from an LMS to an exam platform

Before adopting Synap, Fusion Risk Management were using Brain Shark as their LMS, which worked well for their internal training. However, when the necessity arose for a technical certification exam, Elise encountered limitations with the LMS.

Essential exam-specific functionalities, such as timed exams, were unavailable on the traditional LMS designed primarily for online course delivery. Recognising this gap, Fusion sought a dedicated exam platform to meet their evolving assessment needs.

“If you’re looking for something that is quick and simple from both an admin and an user side, and something that has timed exams and a lot of features with those exams…I’d definitely look at Synap!”

User-friendly experience for admins and end users

Navigating and learning a new system can be a challenge, especially if you’re accustomed to an existing system’s familiar user interface. Fortunately, Elise discovered that Synap was easy-to-use, with a straightforward and modern user interface, which was “easy and intuitive for both educators and learners.”

“The UI is simple from the admin side as well as from the end user side. Getting started with Synap was really, really simple…it took us a grand total of 15 minutes to get up and running!”

This ease of use facilitated a swift onboarding process for the Fusion team. With Synap's intuitive design, Elise efficiently added questions and set up the exams in a short timeframe, streamlining their workflow and ensuring a seamless transition to the new platform.

Simple UI for creating exams

Quickly importing all questions via CSV

Transferring content from one system to another can be overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of materials! However, as Elise had her materials in a spreadsheet, she appreciated the convenience of Synap's CSV question importer to seamlessly upload questions in bulk.

“As long as I had everything in a spreadsheet, which I already did, I could quickly import all of my test questions…and we were good to go! Compared to other softwares I’ve worked with, it was very, very fast to get going!”

This feature proved invaluable, allowing Elise to save significant hours that would have otherwise been spent manually inputting each question. This time-saving functionality empowered her to redirect her efforts elsewhere, maximising productivity in other essential areas of her work.

Importing questions via CSV

Using exam-specific features

When Elise and her team decided to use Synap, they instantly gained access to a suite of exam features that are typically absent in a traditional LMS. These specialised exam features empowered Elise to conduct secure certification exams with ease in a remote setting.

A standout capability for Fusion was the incorporation of timed exams, a functionality not available in their previous LMS, Brain Shark. With this feature, Elise could now automatically enforce time limits and manage candidate submissions, enhancing the overall exam experience.

“There are so many features we adore about Synap as well, importing entire exams worth of questions at once, being able to have a bucket of questions that automatically rotates to give a unique test to each learner, managing several courses, distributing materials to learners, I could go on all day.”

Furthermore, Synap enabled Fusion to create dynamic exams, a feature that allowed Elise to generate unique sets of exams, randomly selected from a pool of questions. This innovative approach not only added an extra layer of security by providing different sets of questions to candidates, but also diversified the exam-taking experience, ensuring a fair and unbiased assessment for all participants.

Dynamic exams

Holistic learning experience: Courses and exams in one platform

Elise also wanted to provide study materials before the exam, so she made the most of Synap’s built-in course functionality, alongside exam delivery.

This strategic approach allowed end users to engage in a multifaceted learning experience within the same platform. Learners could effortlessly access study materials to enhance their understanding, and subsequently test their knowledge through certification exams, all within the same Synap platform.

“I’ve absolutely distribute materials to my trainees as well as to distribute exams to them quickly and efficiently.”

By delivering both courses and exams within a single platform, candidates experienced a cohesive and streamlined journey. This not only alleviated the need to navigate between different systems, but also provided a holistic educational environment, addressing both theoretical and testing needs.


Responsive, ongoing support

Elise is a big fan of the support provided by the Synap team! Whenever she encountered a query or needed guidance on a specific task, the accessibility of a human support representative through the platform's chatbot proved invaluable.

“I can have really quick chats…and I almost immediately get an answer, maximum within 24 hours. I’ve absolutely loved the support that we get with it.”

This instant and personalised support ensured that Elise received prompt responses to her inquiries, allowing her to proceed with the efficient setup of her exams.

The availability of real-time assistance through the chatbot not only expedited issue resolution, but also underscored Synap's commitment to empowering administrators like Elise, with the resources they need for a smooth and productive experience.

“The number one thing we love about Synap is the support. There is an extensive library of documents, and on top of that we can quickly message the support team anytime. Our rep scheduled several meeting with us while we were getting set up to make sure our deployment was easy and seamless.”

Chat bot for support

Fusion Risk Management & Synap

In transitioning from a traditional learning management system to Synap in 2023, Fusion Risk Management experienced a profound transformation in their certification exam processes.

Synap's user-friendly interface and exam-specific features empowered Elise to efficiently deliver secure remote exams, overcoming the limitations of their previous LMS.

The seamless integration of study materials and exams within the Synap platform simplified the user journey, enriching the learning and testing experience for candidates.

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