Join our exceptional team

If you have a passion for education and are eager to be part of our mission to become the leading online assessment platform in the world, we’d love to hear from you!

Meet the team

The Synap team is a mixture of individuals with different backgrounds from both tech and non-tech fields, such as medicine and teaching. We welcome people from various paths, including recent graduates, apprentices, and those seeking a career change. As a company, we strongly believe in the advantages of professional and on-the-job training.

We believe diversity is the key to creativity and our collaborative approach involves making decisions, planning projects, and developing new features collectively as a team.

Employee benefits

Supporting our team's happiness is crucial to our success.
Your work matters

At Synap, every voice matters. We actively encourage and value contributions from all team members, ensuring that ideas are not just heard, but acted upon.

Hybrid working

We offer flexible work options, including remote work and access to our inspiring office space in a beautifully renovated cotton mill, fostering creativity and collaboration.

Collaboration & autonomy

We encourage collaboration both within and across departments, ensuring everyone stays in the loop, while also empowering individuals to contribute thier creative ideas.

Free Macbook

We equip all of our employees with a Macbook when they join the team, ensuring you have access to the latest technology necessary for producing standout work.

Company terrier

Nothing beats entering the office and being greeted by Ori, our playful Yorkshire terrier. She boosts our mental well-being with her antics, like chasing ping-pong balls

Inside our day to day

At Synap, we celebrate our diverse team with different schedules, thanks to our flexible working approach. Whether you're based in the UK, Spain, or all the way in Brazil, distance doesn't hinder our strong connection and collaboration. Each morning kicks off with lively discussions on Slack, where we talk work, share memes, and catch up on life events. Whether it's a funny story or a weekend adventure, we're all ears!

But amidst the fun, we're also dedicated to providing the best experience for our customers every single day. We strike a balance between work and play, prioritising a lighthearted approach while delivering top-notch service. At Synap, we believe in enjoying what we do while making a difference for our customers.

Job opportunities

Currently, there are no available opportunities, but we are always looking for talented individuals to join our team in the future! We encourage you to check back here soon or follow us on social media for updates on some exciting upcoming roles.
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