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Our Story

Established in 2015, Synap aimed to bring a fresh approach to learning by transitioning from traditional textbooks to the digital landscape. Initially an innovative online exam preparation tool, Synap has since expanded into a comprehensive solution including courses, practice tests, and the seamless delivery of high-stakes certification exams.

We're on a mission to make the switch to online learning and exams a breeze for our customers. Synap is trusted by organisations of all sizes across various sectors. So whether you're a dynamic startup or a thriving corporate giant, we're here to make sure your journey towards online learning and exams is a success!


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Our values

Our commitment to excellence, integrity and inclusivity

We're constantly fine-tuning our product and its features in alignment with learner data, and our committed to being responsive to employee and customer requirements and feedback.

Learner centred

Synap was created by students, for students. Our goal is to foster engaging learning environments, offering data-driven insights that allow our users to maximise their learning potential.


While we confidently navigate our offerings and industry best practices, we value the input of our amazing team, customers, and partners to forge successful connections.


We work closely with our clients to provide a seamless alignment of their projects with the needs and priorities of their members, employees, and stakeholders, guaranteeing success.


Ambitious targets and well-defined paths are our recipe for success as we strive to be the best assessment platform in the world.

Our journey

  • 2015

    Where the journey began

    Synap originated when co-founders, James and Omair, both medical students, sought a more engaging study method. With mountains of study material, they developed the Synap exam preparation app which hit 10,000 downloads in 24 hours, showcasing strong market demand.

  • 2017

    Taking a leap into business

    After finishing university, James and Omair dedicated themselves full-time to Synap. They recruited their first employees and broadened their market presence, extending further into the medical field, transportation, and early education sectors.

  • 2019

    From seed to plant

    Achieving a major milestone by closing its first investment round, Synap secured seed funding for the company. The company HQ followed, with a dedicated office space in Leeds. To support the platform's rapid growth, the team welcomed new developers.

  • 2020

    The evolution of Synap

    With the global pandemic driving the surge in online learning, Synap introduced an innovative solution for administering high-stakes exams. Our proctoring solution boosted remote exam security and despite economic challenges, we thrived—acquiring new clients and expanding the team by 66%.

  • 2023

    Our biggest year yet

    Meeting the rising demand for online exams, we enhanced our platform with new features for a seamless, safe, and secure delivery process. Our in-house proctoring solution, Synoptic, monitored 1,000+ exams in six months. Post-pandemic, clients prefer online exams, leading to a remarkable 137% growth in our client base from the previous year.

  • 2024

    Next steps and future plans

    Over the next year, Synap is committed to an ambitious journey, unveiling exciting features like expanding question types and adaptive testing. These additions will enhance the user experience and create a dynamic platform for online learning and exams.

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