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Our story 

The idea

Founders James and Omair met while they were studying medicine and Leeds University. They shared similar studying problem and the same problems faced by many students and professionals across the world – that sitting at a desk learning from a book can be restrictive, dull, and repetitive, with no way to measure their progress. The guys developed the earliest version of Synap to solve this problem 

As a result, Synap was initially created as a multiple-choice question (MCQ) revision app to make their exam revision fun, interactive and impactful. Now they could continually practice their questions when they had a spare 5-10 minutes whilst waiting for a coffee or on their commute, and they could see how their scores were improving with practice!

James and Omair - The founders of Synap
Synap team development


Synap became incredibly popular with university students, with the app focusing on short, regular study sessions students were able to study on the go straight from their phone. After partnering with Oxford University Press to provide exclusive online content to medical students Synap continued to grow and is still used by 1 in 4 UK medical students.

James and Omair realised the the problems students and doctors face when it came to learning are the same problems that professionals face. Whether it’s starting a new job, studying for professional exams or just trying to learn about a new company product, everyone has to overcome the barriers to learning new information. 

Synap for Business

After graduating James and Omair grew the team and set up offices in Leeds. The Synap team continuously developed the platform based on user feedback and began to offer a white-labelled verison of Synap to businesses as a fully fledged Learning Management System (LMS). 

The Synap LMS lets businesses offer online training for their teams and sell courses online. Because Synap was made with the end user in mind businesses benefit from a system that is really easy for their users to engage with which means less time is spent searching and trying to work the platform and more time is spent actually learning. 

Ori and the Synao logo
The Synap team


Over the last few years Synap has won a number of high profile awards including Northern Stars, Leeds Startup of the year, and has been named as one of the top 10 British AI companies to Watch by Business insider.

The team has grown from just 2 to 9, bringing to the team experts with backgrounds in teaching, economics, IT and business. Along side the platform we also offer clients our expertise in implementing effective, and engaging training at scale.

A small team with grand ambition


Castleton Mill

The Office

Synap is a proud Yorkshire based business, our offices are based in Castleton Mill on the Leeds Liverpool canal. The Mill was built in 1836 for flax spinning as well as wool and linen manufaturing. it is one of 3 remaining mills of its type in the UK.



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Looking to join the team? 

Currently a team of 9, we’re looking for passionate, talented people to join our team, as well as skilled, hard-working freelancers to work with us on various projects.

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