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  1. Flexible & fixed courses

    Let users do a course at their own pace or create rules and pass marks for a more structured learning style

  2. Library

    Upload any type of e-learning content to your library including videos and SCORM. Built in authoring tools means you can create quizzes, surveys and notes directly in the platform

  3. Interactive

    Create surveys, quizzes or require manual reviews and document upload points during a course to create a more interactive and engaging learning experience

Synap Features
Synap Features

Integrated Store Front

  1. Shop

    Direct customers to your Synap shop front that works with your domain name, to capture leads and sell your courses

  2. Custom domain

    Create a seamless user experience between your website and Synap learning portal with a custom domain name. We'll help get you set up and integrated with any existing site

  3. Integrations

    Through Segment or custom integrations Synap works with all modern SaaS integrations so you can use the platform alongside your existing analytics and payment gateways

Remote Management

  1. Actionable insights

    Keep you eye on all your users with an easy to read admins dashboard. If you want more detail your account manager will work with you to generate custom reports that

  2. Email notifications

    Send your customers reminders and updates about their progress. Get key updates via email.

  3. Automation

    Automate repeating processes with custom groups and permissions to make assigning, monitoring and delegating training easy

Synap Features

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All the features you need right now to deliver great exam preparation training. And the features you’ll need tomorrow to grow. Synap uses learning algorithms to promote long term knowledge retention for users
Fully responsive
Multiple layouts
Modular components
Suits your style
Well documented

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