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Remote working and training due to COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has already caused a lot of disruption to the global economy and day to day life. With many businesses and employees wondering how it is going to effect work. Organisations have started taking precautions to minimise the chances of contracting the virus. These precautions include work travel bans, cancelling in-person meeting and encouraging employees to work from home until further notice.

Until the Coronavirus is under control, many employees and students have no choice but to train and learn from home. With Synap’s intelligent online learning platform you can implement remote learning and development from your organisation. Set assignments, track engagement and support learners, where ever they are. So many businesses all over the world are offering to help out during this time and we want to help too. Get in touch to find out more and talk to us and we will help you and your learners get set up as quickly as possible. 

Talk to us and we’ll set up and offer a personal, no commitment pricing plan for you with no set up costs

The tools you need for effective remote working

Keep an eye on users through your easy to use admin dashboard

Set assignments, answer questions, review progress and keep an eye on your learners through the admin area.

“Really easy to use platform, customisable according to your needs”

Organise learners with custom groups

User groups let you seperate different learners types, generate cohort reports and automate some of the system management.

“It really is THE new platform to utilise for businesses looking to implement e-learning for their employees quickly and efficiently. Very intuitive software.”

Your learning content, delivered in the most user friendly way

Synap supports bulk upload and has built in authoring tools, so you can deliver exactly the type of learning you want.

“Ease of use! A lot of our users wouldn't be that comfortable with online resources like this but the simplicity of the platform allows our students to learn and gain knowledge quickly & easily.”

Spaced Learning algorithms, that boost long term knowledge retention

Intelligent learning algorithms tell learners what and when to study, in order to increase knowledge retention and boost user engagement.

“Spaced learning functionality supports long-term retention in an evidence-based and engaging format”

Remote management

Actionable insights
Keep you eye on all your users with an easy to read admins dashboard. If you want more detail your account manager will work with you to generate custom reports
Email notifications
Send your customers reminders and updates about their progress. Get key updates via email
Automate repeating processes with custom groups and permissions to make assigning, monitoring and deligating training easy 


Flexible & fixed courses
Let users do a course at their own pace or create rules and pass marks for a more structured learning style
Use videos, documents, presentations, audio files and SCORM to create rich engaging courses that users can access at home
Create surveys, quizzes or require manual reviews and document upload points during a course to create a more interactive and engaging learning experience 

Actionable insights

Gather valuable feedback to develop content from leaners using surveys or Synap's flagging system. 
Early intervention
See which learners need outreach and help completing assignments and modules
Mock exams
Practice mock exams in exam conditions using Synap question banks 

Learning that lasts

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