Scaling award-winning training for Early Years Teachers, with PurpleBee

Collaboration and custom diagnostic tools: how we worked with award winning nursery PurpleBee to scale their business PurpleBee started off…

Collaboration and custom diagnostic tools: how we worked with award winning nursery PurpleBee to scale their business

PurpleBee started off as a early years nursery in Cambridge UK, they expanded and were soon a chain of award winning nurseries. Linda (CEO of PurpleBee) realised the secret to their success was the way that they trained their staff and the programs that they offered, and looked for a way to scale these methods. 

Our challenge was taking PurpleBees ‘secret sauce’ training and scaling it online without it losing its quality.

What we did


PurpleBees primary use for the LMS are long courses (typicall take 2-6months to complete).  Authoring tools, content library and SCORM compatibility are essential features for PurpleBee. Synaps user friendly UX makes it easy for admins to manage courses and assignments as they scale and move towards automating the process.

Diagnostic tools

A key part of PurpleBees training methods was customising learning to each individual. For face to face training this is as easy as asking someone what they’d like to do or what areas they’d like to focus and then setting them assignments based on their answers. Translating this to an online platform meant we needed a tool that would ask people questions and then sort them based on their response. 

User input fields

PurpleBees courses take around 2 – 6 months to complete, we made sure courses had break points where a learning coach can review learner progress and book in a call or meeting with them to discuss their progress. We added features for document upload, manual reviews and learning coach notifications to make managing cohorts of learners easy.

Store Front

An integrated store front so PurpleBee can sell their courses directly to learners or institutions. Combined with a custom domain name Synap is able to sit 


We have worked really closely with the PurpleBee team to make sure that they have a platform they need to grow their business.

“As a startup company haivng Synap as our tech parnters has been invaluable in helping us to create an online learning environment that is both innovative and agile. They continue to be incredibly supportive as we continue to develop and grow”

-Linda Baston-Pitt, CEO of PurpleBee

Collaboration is important to us and we discuss ideas and features with clients and work out the best way to impliment the learning that they want to deliver.

“As we are a relatively new company who are at the beginning of a journey with interactive learning we feel confident Synap have, and will continue to, support us well along the way.”

-Gemma Hobson, e-learning Manager at PurpleBee

PurpleBee has a system where learners can take taster courses that lead them onto larger fully accredited and certified courses. With diagnostic tools and ease of use learners can use access their courses and engage with the PurpleBee team.

Check out the PurpleBee courses at

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