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Remotely teaching patients about fertility treatment to prepare them for their face to face appointments. IVF Matters is the first…

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Remotely teaching patients about fertility treatment to prepare them for their face to face appointments.

IVF Matters is the first online fertility clinic in the UK. With a team of specialists, IVF Matters offers expert advice, support and treatment for people through their IVF journey, helping to maximise chances of having a child.

During online consultations with individuals or couples, the specialists at IVF Matters found that the same points were repetitively coming up in each consultations. Consequently, the team spent most of the consultation teaching patients about fertility basics and filling in their knowledge gaps, which meant there was not enough time to focus on the key or complex issues with the individual or couple. 

What we did

IVF matters wanted a platform that patient could use to learn about their treatment options and the basics of fertility treatment, to prepare them for their face to face appointments. Once patients have covered the basics at home during the consultation, more time could be dedicated to exploring the key or complex issues with the patient and the team could offer more help and greater support by directing them to the relevant tests or services they needed.

To help boost people’s knowledge of IVF treatment and reduce misconceptions, IVF Matters wanted to create educational courses where people could sign up and learn about relevant topics, for example egg freezing treatment. The user could trust that it was written by an expert in the field and current with the times. 

Simple to use

With online educational courses, the LMS needed to be easy for patients to get started and simple-to-use and navigate. This is because the range of tech abilities completely varied from patient to patient. So IVF Matter an LMS that could cater for everyone, regardless of their tech ability.

Store page

Synap helped by creating a branded store page that made it easy for patients to find a relevant course and get started with their learning in seconds. This saved IVF Matters lots of administration time as the platform automatically assigned the courses. 

Bite-sized learning

The course was broken down into bite-sized sessions with clear chapter headings. This enabled patients to learn a new IVF concept and then take a break whilst they processed this new information. They could then return to the platform and automatically resume from their last position in just two clicks, making the learning experience experiencing.


As the system was handling sensitive patient information, IVF Matters required the LMS to be secure. With Synap, all data is end-to-end encrypted both in transit and in rest. The Synap team also worked closely with IVF Matters to ensure that their training was GDPR compliant.

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