Synap Wins the 2017 Northern Stars Award!

Charlotte Gupta

Synap Wins the 2017 Northern Stars Award

What a great year this has been for Synap, last night in Manchester we won the Northern Stars awards! Northern Stars has been a fantastic experience for everyone here at Synap, over 200 start ups applied for the competition and last night saw the final 20 battle it out with a strict 3 minute pitch. Our CEO Dr. James Gupta gave a fantastic pitch with one of the judges describing him as ‘Exactly the sort of founder that venture capitalists want to invest in’.

James Gupta delivering a winning pitch at the Northern Star Awards.

‘We had a fantastic time at Northern Stars – thanks to the team at TechNorth for organising it and for everyone who came down to support. We’re looking forward to working with TechNorth to expand Synap into new fields and work with new clients.’ – Synap Founder & CEO, Dr. James Gupta

A huge congratulations to other winners of the night who all gave fantastic pitches:

  • BigChange: Offer a paperless way to plan, manage, schedule and track your mobile workforce.
  • Membr: Is an innovative fitness platform that connects the fitness industry to its members.
  • Nivo: Delivers happier customers, lower customer service costs and increased sales conversion all through an elegant messaging app.
  • Relative Insight: Is a audience research that uses comparative language analysis to help marketers discover real insights and turn them into communication.
  • Ruler analytics: Matches real customer form fills an phone calls against the marketing campaign and keyword from which it was generated.
  • sport:80: Is a cloud-based management platform designed for the sports industry. Driving efficiencies, member engagement and revenue.
  • Technically Compatible: Is an intuitive online skills testing platform helping companies recruit top tech talent.
  • Tutora: Is a fantastic platform for students and tutors to find each other.
  • Vypr: Is an app that incentives consumers to give feedback through a reward system, this feedback is then used to help companies develop their products

The 2017 Northern Stars winners! We can’t thank Tech North enough for putting on a fantastic evening and providing a brilliant platform for start ups. At Synap we’re immensely proud to be a Northern business based in Leeds and we are  very lucky to be apart of this incredible Tech community. A lot has changed in the past year for Synap it grew from being something James and Omair were doing whilst preparing for the final year medical school exams, to a full time pursuit with two extra employees and new offices.

We could not be prouder to represent Leeds at Northern Stars; the caliber of startups pitching this year was immense and it makes our win that much more exciting. Synap’s technology is going from strength to strength and we have a lineup of new features to release, and avenues to follow – our journey with TechNorth has only just begun.’ – Synap Founder & CTO, Dr. Omair Vaiyani

A final huge thank from the team to everyone that has supported Synap over the years. We are already in talks with a number of companies that want to use Synap as a platform to train employees if you’re interest in this service please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at I’m more than happy to chat and give you more information.

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