Spaced Repetition

People are really forgetful. Can can forget around 90% of what we've learned only 24 hours after we were taught it. This is a huge problem for students who are trying to cram an entire text book into the brain the night before an exam. But it is also a problem for businesses, regulations are ever changing and requiring training and retraining for people, consumer expectations are growing, competition is increasing, there are a lot of things to learn in a short amount of time. The only way to prepare your team for this sort of environment is to train them, but training seminars or days are expensive and cause a short term loss of productivity and if people are forgetting 90% of what they've learned the next day then it makes those classes even more expensive.


Luckily there is a very simple way to 'hack' your brain to mitigate the effects of forgetting, Spaced Repetition. We talk about Spaced Repetition a lot at Synap, and what started off as a way to help to help students and doctors revise for their exams is now helping businesses train team teams.



What is Spaced Repetition:

The best way to tackle a problem is to break it down into steps. People are capable of creating and doing massively complex things, but most of us must break down what we need to do into small steps. From building an airplane, to coding a game, baking, travelling and learning. Yet due to some short sightedness many of us can leave things until last minute and not give our selves the proper planning time to do something. This myopia is especially present on university campus's where you'll find students the night before their exams attempting to cram a semesters worth of work into one night. This was the problem that Synap was developed to alleviate and the way we did that was through Spaced Repetition.

Instead of cramming for 3 hours its far better for your retention to spend an hour learning something, then spending 15 minutes recapping over gradually longer periods of time for how ever many sessions you need until you can recall the material in the long term.


By breaking down learning this way and continuously recalling it over time you force your brain commit information into long term memory. Spaced Repetition follows the idea that the best way to learn and really learn things in the long run, is to have a 'Loading Dose' of information this can be some face to face training, a training video, a class, an event, talk, anything. Then you review the information in some way a short time after, then again but a little bit longer after, and again, and so on. Eventually you have forced the information into your long term by not allowing yourself to forget.


Spaced Repetition Algorithms


Synap's algorithms uses the principles of Spaced Repetition to created a tailored learning plan for users, it looks at what they do well and what they need to work on to create them multiple choice question quizzes to jog their memory on that "loading dose". The forgetting curve shows the way that spaced repetition shifts the curve along. The goal is to promote long term information recall through short impactful sessions, that can be done on any device at any time.