Intuitive, intelligent exam preparation and delivery software

Synap is an easy to use, online exam management software.
Deliver engaging remote exam preparation and delivery online with Synap. Give students the tools and insights to boost their learning ahead of exams. Conduct live proctored exams and mocks through our remote exam delivery system.

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Exam delivery platform 

Delivering live remote exams with Synap means exams can be done anywhere, any time. Exams can also be fully or partially proctored. Unlike some other online examination software Synap’s user interface is incredibly intuitive and easy for students to use. Synap supports a range of questions types including: MCQs, EMQs and Rank order. Images and formatting can also be added to questions which means you can add formulas and diagrams to questions. We also provide support and consultancy on how to convert paper exams to online exams.


Multiple Choice Questions


Extended Matching Questions


Test Marking


Proctored Exams


Learner Analytics


Authoring Tools

Exam questions

Multiple Choice Questions
Bulk upload, version and manage exam question banks that learners can access and practice at their own pace. Use questions to build exams and mocks
Group questions together and select ordering. Add images, EMQ groups, rich text, and feedback to questions. Customise question banks for your leaners
Proctored Exams
Options for screen and webcam recording for light and fully proctored exams through the exam delivery platform.

Exam and learner reports

Feedback and flagging
Allow communities to moderate questions through a flagging and feedback system to give you a valuable insights into your learners.
Early intervention
See which users need outreach and help with the content before it comes to a real exam.
Mock exams
Separate unseen questions out to give your users mock exams and test their knowledge before their exams

Do More with Synap

All the features you need right now to deliver great exam preparation training. And the features you’ll need tomorrow to grow. Synap uses learning algorithms to promote long term knowledge retention for users





Personalised Learning


Learner Data


Content Library


Cloud Based


User Friendly


iOS and Android

Learn on the go

Spaced Learning algorithms breaks down learning into 5-10 minute chunks, learners get notifications straight to their phone when its time to study

Immersive learning

Using photos, diagrams, drawings and other types of images makes quizzes more engaging for users

Multiple question formats

Challenge learners with different types of questions, including multiple choice, extended matched questions, and timed


Through Segment you can connect Synap with all your favourite tools, with no code required.

Connect with these tools, and 1000’s more with a single click using Synap’s Segment integration.

Client Stories

Our clients are delivering remote exams to students all over the world through Synap. Whether its test preparation for professional exams, or students in schools and universities Synap gives users insights into their learning and provides exam administrators detailed reports and results.

Preparing the next generation of barristers and solicitors, with the University of Law.

Working with the UKs largest private university to provide a modern learning solution that students love using. Changes to the…

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Taking the first time pass rate from 10% to 90% for black cabbies

Working with FreeNow to increase their driver workforce in Ireland by helping potential drivers study for the license exam The…

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Synap LMS test on iPhone

Medical Student Exams with Oxford University Press and the MDU

A 30% score improvements for students following Synap's system recommendations The MDU (Medical Defense Union) is the UK’s leading medical…

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We work with you

We will work closely with you to make sure you get the most of the entire system software. We provide ongoing support and consultation around best practices and converting paper exams into an online format. You’ll get access to Synap’s other learning features which includes linear courses and assessments for your users. Get in touch to arrange a consultation and demo and tell us more about the exams and learning you’d like to deliver