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What they do

Early Years training for Nurseries


Education and Care


The Challenge

PurpleBee have a chain of award winning nurseries, and create training courses for early years education. Realising the key to success was their way of training talent, PurpleBee needed a way to sell their training courses, connect students with teachers, track student progress, and manage different institutions.

PurpleBee needed a learning management system that was both easy to use and scalable and that would also provide them with the custom features they needed. This can be an expensive and difficult ask which runs the risk of leaving you with a system that is not what you asked for.

The Solution

We worked closely with PurpleBee to help them create the solution that they were looking for, we have been through a collaborative process that has enabled us ensure that they are getting all of the features they want

User Groups

Variable permissions

Store Front

Linked up to existing website

Collaborative learning

Forums and chat

Insightful analytics

Informed marketing decisions


To have one solution for all of PurpleBees needs means the system needs to be able to have different types of users, with different permissions. We created user groups which allows admins to define permissions and create new groups, For PurpleBee this means they can easily manage their teachers, current students, potential students, and administrators. This feature makes the platform easily scalable as the roles are defined and will stay consistent irrespective of how many different members join the platform.

Store front

Transferred all of PurpleBees existing courses, and store front from their old LMS provider to us. Ensuring that the store and PurpleBee website is seamlessly integrated with Synap the portal is totally customisable and can be changed at any time by an admin from the portal. PurpleBee can make all important changes internally and control what their users see and the how they experience the platform.

The store front lets PurpleBee show off their award winning courses and is easy to navigate and secure.

Collaborative Learning

The earliest version of Synap was for students to share and create revision content. Students from all over the world made their own questions and started sharing knowledge with other people. PurpleBee also understand the value of this collaborative learning so we built in features that connect students and teachers and that also connects students together via an internal forum. The topic of discussion and the threads are all controlled from the dashboard and can be checked by both teachers and administrators.

Collaborative learning increases the efficiency of knowledge transfer and generates valuable feedback that can be used to modify current courses or shape future ones. We capture this feedback both through discussions in the forum and through surveys which can all be built within the platform.

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