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Creating a 20x ROI in the first 3 months and getting over 200 people back into the workforce.


mytaxi (Daimler)

What they do

Online bookable Black Cabs




The Challenge

mytaxi were facing a simple supply and demand issue, they could not train drivers quick enough to meet demand. Training to be a black cab driver is notoriously difficult due to the entrance exam. The pass rate was only 10% which compounds the problem of recruitment making it a long and expensive process.

The Solution

After trying Synap, mytaxi saw how the platform could be used to train the next generation of taxi drivers and help them become road-safe. Synap partnered with mytaxi to create the mytaxi Manual their own training platform where new drivers could work through questions to prepare for the SPSV Entry test.

Through Synap the pass rate went from 10% to 90%, creating 200 newly qualified drivers in the first 6 months.

20x ROI

250 new Jobs in just 3 months

5,000 potential drivers

Engaging with the platform

90% pass rate

Original pass rate 10%

NPS 9/10

Overwhelmingly positive feedback

If you’re serious about passing the test, the mytaxi Manual is absolutely perfect. It’s easy to use and understand, and helps you study with purpose. I failed the exam 3 times, and then I started using it and passed after a few weeks. It was invaluable.Tom, mytaxi Driver

What We Did

Driver Training Platform

We created a completely branded driver training platform for mytaxi, powered by Synap. The platform tests and trains student drivers on their knowledge of Dublin streets, roads and regulations so that they can become professional, safe and qualified drivers.

Using Synap's unique Spaced Learning system, drivers are presented with a series of questions every day, based on their own strengths and weaknesses. This approach lets them practice whenever they like, and on any device, so they build up their knowledge and understanding much more effectively.

Technical & Commercial Consultancy

After seeing positive results early on in the project, mytaxi decided to scale up their recruitment of new drivers, offering jobs and £1,000,000 in financial incentives for people to use the mytaxi Manual.

Our team has a range of experience in scaling up projects like this, both technically and commercially, and we were pleased to offer our insights. Previously, Synap was a platform that marketed directly to students at a large scale, and we saw parallels between that and what mytaxi wanted to achieve.

We worked with mytaxi to set up tools and features which would allow their team to manage thousands of users every day, and advised on the marketing campaign that resulted in over 3,000,000 questions being taken on the platform.

Custom Learner Analytics

Data drives decisions and MyTaxi wanted to know when new drivers were ready to enter the SPSV Entry exam. We developed custom reporting features for mytaxi, enabling them to see a record of the progress data points they most needed to see.

Crucially, the reports identified which users should book in for their exam, and when. This has helped the team manage their resources and limited exam slots more effectively, increasing the throughput of getting new drivers on the road, whilst also highlighting drivers who could benefit from additional support.

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