Professional Driver Training in Dublin

FreeNow are using Synap to train a new generation of black cab drivers in Ireland and help them pass the difficult knowledge exam with the FreeNow Manual powered by Synap


10,000 Users

Accessing the platform each month

80% First time pass rate

Created 250 new jobs in the first 3 months

1050 new jobs created

Created 250 new jobs in the first 3 months alone
There has been a huge increase in demand for black cab drivers which supply has been unable to meet. New drivers must pass the SPSV exam which is notoriously difficult and has created a supply blockage.

Synap has created a platform that trains new drivers and help them study for the SPSV. Notifications and Spaced Learning have been used deliver personalised learning that can be done on any device, which lets drivers practice anytime, any place.

If you’re serious about passing the test, the mytaxi Manual is absolutely perfect. It’s easy to use and understand, and helps you study with purpose. I failed the exam 3 times, and then I started using it and passed after a few weeks. It was invaluable.

- Tommy, FreeNow Driver

What we did


Question Banks

Mobile Learning

Spaced Learning Algorithms

Custom Reporting


We have created a mobile friendly online learning platform for FreeNow that, drivers can use on the go and that is easy for admins to manage. Question banks support a range of content including images and Google Maps.

Using Synap's unique Spaced Learning systems, drivers are presented with a series of questions every day, based on their strengths and weaknesses. Email and push notifications reminded drivers when they needed to study and allowed admins to keep in touch with users and support them in their study. Through custom reporting FreeNow has been able to make data driven decisions and find out when drivers were ready for the SPSV Exam, and gain insights into which drivers would benefit from outreach and extra help.

Following the positive results of using Synap FreeNow are scaling up their driver recruitment plans and are offering jobs and financial rewards for people to use the FreeNow Manual. The Synap team is working closely with FreeNow to set up the tools and features which allows their team to manage thousands of users every day, and advise on learning best practices.

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