MyTaxi is a worldwide taxi service that is commonly seen in London and Dublin. Last year alone, MyTaxi helped 11 million passengers reach their destination on 76 million journeys. They were losing drivers in Dublin quicker than they could replace them due to retirement. With only 10% of new drivers passing the black cab exam first time, MyTaxi were actively looking for an innovative and impactful training platform to boost taxi driver numbers in Dublin. The MyTaxi manual was created by Synap to help drivers engage with exam content and help more drivers succeed in the entrance exam to create new jobs in Ireland.

At a Glance

  • 5,000 new, potential drivers have engaged with 2.5 million questions on the platform
  • Overall, the MyTaxi Manual has helped to create 250 new jobs in Ireland
  • MyTaxi have seen a 20x ROI in the first 3 months

The Problem

MyTaxi were faced with a retirement issue - they were struggling to replace retired drivers with new drivers. To make matters worse, for those that did sign up, new drivers faced the dreaded SPSV Entry test - a notoriously difficult black cab entrance exam where only 10% of people passed first time. For MyTaxi this meant they were struggling to recruit new drivers and the time taken to qualify was extensively long and expensive.

The Solution

After demoing Synap, MyTaxi saw how the platform could be used to train the next generation of taxi drivers and help them become road-safe. Synap partnered with MyTaxi to create the MyTaxi Manual - an online training platform where new drivers could work through questions to prepare for the SPSV Entry test.


It was important for MyTaxi to have their branding on their platform and to make it easily accessible from their site. Synap listened to their requirements and were able to white-labelled the platform with MyTaxi's branding, making the platform instantly recognisable. Synap also integrated the platform with their website so new users could seamlessly sign up directly from the MyTaxi site in a matter of minutes. As MyTaxi already had their own training resources, Synap were able to bulk upload all of their questions, complete with Google Maps integration and Street View images, into a question bank on their platform.

Mobile Learning

By working closely with taxi drivers, MyTaxi knew that drivers were people regularly on the move and had responsibilities at home that meant it was a struggle to prioritise their learning. As Synap enabled the MyTaxi manual to be accessible on mobile, this empowered drivers to engage with their learning through their mobile phone at a time that was convenient to them. Suddenly, drivers were able to practice 5-10 questions at regular points during the day, without the need to carry around books or find a desk to sit at.

With notifications to remind drivers to practice questions, the MyTaxi manual has seen phenomenal engagement on the platform, with 5,000 new, potential drivers taking over 2.5 million questions! On average, this is equivalent to each user engaging with 500 questions - a significant improvement from drivers preparing for the entrance exam alone. Once signed up on the platform, Synap also recommended users to activate their Spaced Learning, so they could receive a short burst of personalised questions that are prioritised based on their individual learning needs. By users listening to their Spaced Learning recommendations and engaging with the platform more, the MyTaxi Manual has helped raise the SPSV Entry test first time pass rate from 10% to an outstanding 90%!

“The my taxi manual seems to good to be true! I know first hand now there is no catch, it's just a gift!  Jamie first of all is the most outstanding member of staff I have ever came across has been with me since day one always checking up on my progress with supportive words and useful tips so he deserves a lot of credit and mention. This app is the only reason I passed my test and it made it so effortless! There are people who charge €300+ for a short course to help you pass and here’s a free app with outstanding support and help! I'd advise everyone thinking of doing the test to sign up to this manual - I can't stress enough. I’m forever grateful.” - Steven

Actionable Data

Data drives decisions and MyTaxi wanted to know when new drivers were ready to enter the SPSV Entry test. Sending someone in too early can have negative consequences, both for the individual who could be put off trying again, and for the company spending money to put them into the exam. So Synap created custom reporting features for MyTaxi, enabling them to see a record of the progress data points they most needed to see. Specific measurements included: weekly mock tests scores taken by users, their improvement week-on-week, and who had consistently scored over 80%, thus identifying those that were ready to be entered in the exam. The custom reporting also identified people who were frequently below the 80% threshold or had missed past mock tests and automatically recommended MyTaxi staff to reach out to these people. This has helped highlight drivers who could benefit from additional support from the MyTaxi team.

"If you’re serious about passing the test, the mytaxi Manual is absolutely perfect. It’s easy to use and understand, and helps you study with purpose - it is a huge help. I failed the exam 3 times, and then I started using it and passed after a few weeks. It was invaluable. Thanks for everything, I’m looking forward to joining mytaxi as soon as I am on the road."

Tommy Connolly
First driver to pass using the MyTaxi Manual, powered by Synap